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Sage Cheshire, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in design, engineering, research & development and prototype or finished production. Our team of highly qualified engineers and composite fabrication specialists provide services for many of the leading aerospace companies. From prototyping to one-off specialty fabrication to master-tooling to on/off-site testing of specialty components, Sage Cheshire is uniquely positioned at the nexus of next-generation aerospace vehicle development and production.

Sage Cheshire Aerospace services include engineering, design, analysis, testing, field support, CNC gantry milling for large master forms, CNC plasma cutting, CNC water jet cutting, CNC milling, metal forming and assembly, composite fabrication and tooling, rapid prototyping, white-light or laser scanning, reverse engineering and electrical design & fabrication.

Sage Cheshire Aerospace is proud to be the prime contractor for the Red Bull Stratos mission. On Sunday, October 14, 2012, Sage Cheshire's purpose-built pressure capsule transported Felix Baumgartner to the edge of space, allowing him to perform the world's highest human free-fall to earth. Many records were set on and around this mission, from the breaking of the sound barrier during Felix's free-fall descent to the number of viewers live-streaming the event via the internet.

Latest News

April 1, 2014

Sage Cheshire and Emory Motorsports Develop Hybrid-Warp Space Vehicle for NASA

April 1, 2014

Experimental Warp DriveCiting advances in theoretical physics and warp-drive propulsion systems, Sage Cheshire Aerospace announced today a joint venture with its partner Emory Motorsports to develop a hybrid high-speed transportation platform for NASA. Taking lessons learned from Red Bull Stratos about space suit design and life support systems in hostile environments, the team has developed all-new tools, procedures and a vehicle which will keep astronaut-explorers safe as they warp space-time.

Art Thompson, president of Sage Cheshire Aerospace said, “This thing is gonna be so cool, in more ways than one.” Using a modified Porsche power plant and the newest warp-drive technology, the vehicle, code-named “Huevos,” will be able to transport a small family to the outer reaches of the galaxy in no time, with some luggage.

Rod Emory of Emory Motorsports commented, “This is a design that stems from the first outlaw ‘Special’ constructed in 1998 on the occasion of Porsche’s 50th Anniversary. We want to explore space, but we want to do it in style.”

The announcement comes at the same time that a new exhibit featuring the Red Bull Stratos capsule and space suit opens at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C.


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